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Building Dreams, Crafting Your Vision, Our Mission.

Interior & Exterior

Transforming Spaces, Inside and Out, with Excellence!

3D/2D Figures

Turning Dreams into Reality with 3D/2D Magic!

Delivery & Installation

Bringing Foam Art to Life, One Delivery & Install at a Time!

Theme & Events

Creating Memorable Moments, One at a Time!

Packing & Shapes

Transforming Your World with Creative


Sealing Comfort, Saving Energy!

Seasonal Decoration

Bringing Seasons to Life with Decor

Best solutions

Our Diverse Expertise Across Multiple Industries

Foam Decoration L.L.C provides its experience to many industries

including Decoration, Thermal insulation, Construction, Civil Engineering, Architectural Design, Packing, Marine and Agriculture.

FD is very much diversified in the products and industries that we service and are always looking for that new and innovative industry that sets us apart from the next company.

Trusted by Company across the globe

Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

Our Consultation is Aligned with Your Goals is a leading polystyrene company  with hundreds of clients a cross United Arab Emirates and Gulf Area. We make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional art work or props.

Promote your business, showcase your art, set up or just test out new ideas. foam decoration has everything you need to create your creative idea and bring it to life.